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What is Chicken 65? An Authentic Recipe

Chicken 65 is a very famous dish, which originally comes from south India. This flavorful dish can be introduced as an appetizer in a party or can also be substituted for a main dish. Though the authentic chicken 65 recipe suggests it to be hot and spicy, one can easily modify the ingredients to make it less peppery.

What makes Chicken 65 so special?

Chicken 65 is an amalgamation of hot and bold spices mixed with boneless chicken pieces. The exotic Indian spices are marinated with boneless chicken pieces and then fried. Every region in India has its own version of chicken 65 recipe. There are wide variations when it comes to preparing this palatable dish. But one thing remains the same- the bold, piquant taste. Kids, adults and seniors everyone has a huge fan following for this super delicious dish. Why is it called chicken 65 is still not clear, but one thing is unanimously accepted throughout the world that chicken 65 is one of the most loved dish in Indian cuisine

Preparing chicken for chicken 65

Chicken 65 recipe is very easy. The time consumed in making chicken 65 is far less when compared to other authentic dishes. Boneless chicken is needed for making authentic tangy chicken 65. Boneless chicken pieces can be either from chicken breast or from chicken thigh. It’s entirely up to one’s own liking. Some steps to prepare chicken before marinating them for chicken 65.

  1. Make sure to cut them in small pieces.
  2. Put them in sieve, under running water.
  3. Wash them properly and let them sit for few minutes so the water drains out completely.

Spices for Chicken 65 recipe

There are multiple spices used in chicken 65 recipe. Chicken 65 can be prepared from scratch using individual spices in the right proportion. There are many readymade spice mixes also available in the market for chicken 65. Lucky Masale chicken 65 masala is a harmonious blend of rightly proportioned spices. The flavor and aroma of Lucky chicken 65 is truly magical and unmatched. The succinct recipe is printed at the back of the packet. It’s very easy to follow and chicken 65 is made without any hassle.

Best chicken 65 recipe – Step by step guide to prepare chicken 65

Chicken 65 recipe shared here is not only easy to follow, but the step by step instructions will make it a breeze to make this palatable dish. Lucky Masale Chicken 65 can be made easily in two forms. Dry and with Sauce.

Ingredients –

  1. Boneless chicken – 450g
  2. Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp
  3. Vinegar – 3 tsp
  4. Oil for deep frying
  5. Lucky chicken 65 – 1 pouch (25g)

Step by step instructions for dry chicken 65

Step 1 – Marinate the boneless Chicken pieces in one pouch (25g) of chicken 65 mix, ginger garlic paste, vinegar.

Step 2 – Put it aside for at least 3-4 hrs. Now in a deep wok add oil and fry chicken pieces to golden brown or till they are tender.

Optional – Food color can be added at the time of marination.

1 teaspoon of yogurt or tomato sauce can be added.

Lastly, before frying 1 egg or gram flour can be mixed in the batter.

For Chicken 65 recipe with sauce

Step 1 – Marinate the chicken with half the pouch (25g) of chicken 65 mix, vinegar and one egg.

Step 2 – Keep it aside for 3-4 hrs.

Step 3 – Deep fry the chicken till its golden brown.

Step 4 – For sauce – In a pan add oil and then add curry leaves, finely chopped garlic, finely chopped onions, one small green bell pepper, tomato sauce and soya sauce.

Step 5 – Once the gravy is thick add the fried chicken pieces in it. Mix it well so all the chicken pieces are glazed with the sauce.

Tips for making best chicken 65

Tips and tricks passed down to us sometimes by our mothers, grandmas, friends and relatives are beneficial making these dishes. Some very useful tips are here for making chicken 65 recipe even crispier.

  1. Prepare the marinade of chicken and spices well in advance. Overnight marination will enhance the flavors.
  2. Add the rice flour or corn flour before frying the chicken pieces. This trick will definitely add the crispness.
  3. Yogurt and vinegar both if added in the marination will not only enhance the taste but will also add the sourness.
  4. Chicken thigh pieces are juicier than chicken breast. It’s one’s own preference, but chicken thigh will be a much better choice.

Enjoy the chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a dish which can be served as an appetizer and also a main course dish. If you are planning it to be in the appetizer list, serve it with mint chutney and finely sliced onions. Normally, dry chicken 65 is perfectly served as an appetizer. Chicken 65 makes an excellent main dish too. You can serve it with plain white rice and fresh sliced onions dipped in vinegar. Chicken 65 with sauce tastes delicious with rice.

Although chicken 65 recipe comes with lots of variations throughout the world, but its taste doesn’t vary a lot. The seasoning can be adjusted according to one’s own preference. Chicken 65 is an excellent dish to be included in the party menu as it is super easy to make, and doesn’t take much time and energy. Now you can enjoy that same restaurant style taste of chicken 65 at home with Lucky chicken 65 super easy recipe.