Lucky Dalcha Mix / Dal Gosht Mix (200g)


Lucky Masale Dalcha Mix is a perfect blend of superior quality of spices and dried herbs. The traditional flavor, aroma and the rich color achieved by Lucky Masale Dalcha Mix is unmatched. Here are few more product details of Lucky Masale Dalcha Mix:-

♦ This Indian Product is a spice mix for making delicious meat, lentil, and vegetable-based curry.

♦ The masala box comes with an easy-to-follow recipe printed on the back to achieve the traditional flavor and unforgettable aroma. No preservatives, no MSG, low in sodium.

♦ Net weight of the packet is 200gms

Dalcha is a delicious delicacy from Hyderabad. As Dalcha is an amalgamation of Mutton, lentils and vegetables, it’s not only tasty but also a very healthy option when it comes to non-vegetarian dishes. The juice from mutton is blended well with the lentils and then bottle gourd is added to further enhance the flavor. Dalcha is incomplete without its tangy taste which is achieved by mixing the tamarind pulp in the gravy. The spices and dried herbs and the tamarind paste brings out the rustic flavor of Dalcha and the aroma is unforgettable. Dalcha is served with rice pilaf traditionally known as “baghara khana”.

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