Lucky Manda Gosht Mix (35g x 2)

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Lucky Manda Gosht Mix is the most convenient way of making the Traditional Manda Gosht. Manda is basically the thin Roti/bread that is made from wheat flour. The Semi Dry gravy is cherished with the Manda (Thin Roti). This dish is popular in the Marathwada regions of Maharashtra such as Aurangabad, Dhuliya, Jalna etc.


Hot, Semi Dry and Oily Meat Masala Mix

 Ingredients Required:
Meat (with some fat on it) - 500g
Onion - 250g / finely chopped
Oil - 100 to 125 ml
Ginger-Garlic paste - 2- tbsp.
Tomato - 1 pc / 150g
Yogurt/Dahi - 60g
Lucky Manda Gosht Mix - 1-pouch of 35g

1)In a pressure cooker add meat with half onion, half ginger-garlic paste,
tomato, salt and some water. Cook till soft & tender.
2)Heat oil in a pan, add the remaining onion & fry till light golden.
3)Add the remaining ginger-garlic paste and stir fry for a minute.
4)Add the cooked meat mixture, yogurt, “Lucky Manda Gosht Mix” & fry stirring
continuously till the oil leaves the masala.
5) Add some water & cook on low flame till the desired thickness is obtained.
‘Gosht’ is ready. Serve with an Indian bread, a thin ‘roti’ (Manda).


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