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China Grass Recipe – What is China grass?

China grass or agar agar is a plant derived gelatin, which is used in making puddings, jellies and custards. Agar agar is commonly known as China grass in India. China grass is a glossy pudding which is made by mixing sweetened milk with China grass powder. China grass is used as quick thickener which helps in setting the dish very quickly. Any dish which has China grass as the setting agent doesn’t even needs refrigeration. It doesn’t melt once set.

China grass is available in powdered form and also in dried strands. Both the forms are used in China grass recipe. If using the dry strands then they need to be cut and then boiled. Both the forms are used as setting agent, and an excellent gelatin for those who avoid animal based gelatins in their food. Agar agar or China grass has been widely used in Asian countries not only as a dessert but also for its health benefits.

China grass powder recipe – China grass pudding!!

China grass has a very basic recipe when it comes to making China grass pudding. It can be made with China grass in powdered form or with the dried strands. If using the strands in China grass recipe then make sure to cut them with scissors and soak them in water for 15/20 minutes, before boiling them in milk.

These days you can find variety of flavors of this mesmerizing sweet dish. Lucky Masale offers twelve different delicious flavors of China grass. Since China grass recipe is super easy to follow, people often make two to three different flavors in parties. This not only brings in diversity in taste but also looks aesthetically satisfying on your dessert counter.

The twelve different flavors of China grass by lucky masale are as follows:-

  1. Badam Flavor
  2. Butter Scotch Flavor
  3. Chocolate Flavor
  4. Coconut Flavor
  5. Guava Flavor
  6. Kesar Flavor
  7. Mango Flavor
  8. Orange Flavor
  9. Pista Flavor
  10. Rose Flavor
  11. Strawberry Flavor
  12. Vanilla Flavor

China grass pudding in these twelve delectable flavors are hard to resist. With recipe as easy as pie, China grass is a sure winner in your next gathering.

How to use China grass?

As mentioned above in the post that China grass recipe can use both the forms available in the market – powdered and strands.

If using it in the strand form, here find the steps of making the pudding.

  1. Half packet of China grass, cut the strands and soak them in water for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Use 1/2 liter milk and bring it to boil.
  3. Add soaked China grass, sugar and food color (optional). Mix them well.
  4. Once the mixture is thick enough, transfer it into the dish.
  5. As it cools down, put the mixture in refrigerator and let it cool and set for 1 hour. The delicious China grass is ready to be served.

If using the powdered form then here I’m sharing the recipe of lucky masale’s China grass.

  1. Take 1/2 liter milk in a deep dish, start boiling it.
  2. Add the entire packet of China grass by Lucky Masale in the milk.
  3. Stirring continuously let it cook till it thickens.
  4. Dish out the pudding and let it cool.
  5. It sets within 15 minutes with or without refrigerator. If you want to serve it cold let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour.
  6. Lucky China grass is ready to be served!

Health benefits of China grass.

We all know by now that China grass is an excellent vegan source of gelatin, which is used in making pudding, jellies and custards. We can also find readymade China grass powder for making custards in the market, which are already in proportion and measuring the exact amount is not needed while making the dessert. Apart from these jellies and custards that China grass is known for, it also has some health benefits. Though there are still studies going on in this area, but some health benefits are widely accepted by the people around the world. Here are some of the health benefits of using China grass:-

  1. Relieving Constipation – Some studies suggests that taking China grass with water (enough to dissolve China grass) can help in relieving the constipation. It bulks up in the gut, which stimulates the intestines and helps in the bowel movement. This makes it useful as a laxative.
  2. Weight loss – Though still more studies are needed in this regard, but in Japan the Japanese Kanten diet uses China grass for reducing the appetite. It is advised in the diet plan to take the China grass solution before dinner. This creates the feeling of satiety and hence the food is consumed in less quantity.
  3. Relieving Jaundice in new borns – While the research is mixed, it is believed that China grass helps in reducing the bilirubin levels when combined with the light therapy. It also showed to help lessen the length of time the light therapy is used.

Though there are other claims also regarding the health benefits of China grass towards diabetes, relieving sore throat, reducing fever but still more studies are being made in this regard. Here it is imperative to point that agar agar or China grass needs to be taken with at least 8 ounces of water. If it is not taken with enough water it can block the esophagus. Immediate medical attention would be needed if the choking occurs.

Tips for making China grass pudding.

Making China grass is super easy, especially if you are making it with the readymade China grass pudding mix. Even if you want to try from scratch by mixing the strands in water, the China grass recipe is fairly effortless. Here are some tips for this super delectable dessert to keep in mind while cooking.

  1. Make sure to soak China grass strands in enough water for 15/20 minutes, as this will help the China grass to dissolve better in milk.
  2. When mixing the soaked China grass strands in milk, ensure to add sugar only after you have added China grass. If sugar is added first then China grass won’t get mixed in the milk.
  3. Do not cook the entire mixture for long after adding sugar as it may curdle.
  4. You can add cardamom powder, nuts and other essences of your own choice to make its more delicious.

To make it healthier, sugar can be reduced according to one’s own preference.

Why you should use homemade China grass?

China grass powder per se has very less calories and is also low on sodium. If you want to have a dessert that won’t muddle with your health goals and would satiate your taste buds also then it would be preferable to make your own China grass at home. Whole milk can be easily replaced with two percent milk and instead of using high amount of sugar, lower quantity of sugar can be used. This way you can still enjoy the dessert without feeling any guilt.

To conclude, I would just say that enjoy the China grass dessert as pudding, jelly falooda or custard with your whole family and friends. It’s super easy to make and can be cooked well easily under ten minutes. China grass is a perfect snack for kids during the hot summer days and it is super delicious dessert for any party. With twelve different flavors of China grass by Lucky Masale make sure to entertain your loved ones with this uncomplicated and most mesmerizing dessert.