Kadai Gosht Recipe: Simple yet Authentic

What is one non vegetarian dish that comes to your mind when we talk about deliciousness and using least efforts in cooking? Kadai Gosht, right! Well, yes, Kadai Gosht is one dish that is packed with flavors and taste, but Kadai Gosht recipe takes the least of efforts, and the ingredients are just simple.
Originating from Northern India, Kadai Gosht is very popular all over the world. Also fondly called as just Kadai, it comes in different versions. Mutton Kadai, Chicken Kadai and also paneer Kadai for the vegetarians. The delectable dish is often served in “Kadai” or Wok for reminding the rustic roots this dish has.
The regions have also played a vital role in naming the Kadai after their own area. You’ll find the different names given to this mouthwatering dish. Peshawari Kadai, Charsi kadai, dhaba style Kadai are just a few examples. But no matter how many variations can be added Kadai Gosht is simply the most loved dish for all the right reasons.

Kadai Gosht Recipe – The ingredients needed to make Kadai Gosht masala

Kadai gosht recipe is so simple and the ingredients needed for making chicken Kadai or mutton Kadai are ubiquitous in every kitchen. So here is the list of ingredients needed for Kadai gosht Masala:

  1. Mutton – 500 g
  2. Onions – 4-5 medium size
  3. Tomatoes – 3 medium size
  4. Cloves- 6-7
  5. Peppercorn-6-8
  6. Bay leaves- 2
  7. Dried whole red chilies- 6/8
  8. Cinnamon stick – 1
  9. Coriander powder 1 and half teaspoon
  10. Turmeric powder – half teaspoon
  11. Ginger garlic paste paste – 2 tablespoons
  12. Salt to taste
  13. Oil for cooking
  14. Fresh coriander leaves.

The above is the list of ingredients needed for making mutton Kadai gosht. But you can easily use chicken instead of mutton if you prefer the previous more.

Preparation for Kadai gosht

There is very little preparation needed for Kadai gosht recipe. As most of the ingredients are easily found in kitchen, the only thing that you must have is the ginger garlic paste. The ready made ginger garlic paste can also be used. Ginger garlic paste is very important while cooking Indian dishes and specially non vegetarian dishes. Make sure to wash the mutton pieces with water and put it in sieve so the extra water drains out. Finely chop the onions.
Now since Kadai gosht recipe is easiest and the steps required are just few, I’ll be sharing other ways also to make Kadai gosht.

Step by step Kadai Gosht Masala recipe

Step 1 – take a deep wok or deep vessel. Put mutton/ chicken in it. Now add all the above mentioned spices. Also add chopped onions and tomatoes. Add ginger garlic paste, salt and oil for cooking.

Step 2 – Mix all of them together. Let them cook on high flame for few minutes. Simmer the flame on medium low, mix all the ingredients well and cover the lid. Let it cook for an hour, on low flame. If it’s chicken Kadai that you are making then it’ll take around 40 minutes for chicken to be tender.

Step 3 – make sure to stir a couple of times so that it doesn’t get burned. If the meat is sticking to the vessel add little water, mix well and let the mutton cook till its tender.

Step 4 – once the oil separates and mutton or chicken is tender, sprinkle the fresh chopped coriander leaves on it. The Kadai gosht is ready to be served.

Variation in the recipe

The other way of making Kadai gosht is by doing a little variation in the recipe. Here you can replace coriander powder with coriander seeds. Take all the ingredients like peppercorns, cloves, coriander seeds, cinnamon stick and whole dry red chilies, roast them for a few minutes in a pan and let them cool down. Then grind them coarse in a grinder. Now add this Masala in the step one along with other ingredients. This dry roasting and grinding the whole masala enhances the flavor and aroma of Kadai gosht.

Lucky Kadai gosht Masala

The grocery stores are packed with the readymade Masalas for almost all the dishes. Though they are the easy substitute for the individual spices, but getting the right brand is like finding a pearl in the vast ocean. Lucky Masale is the brand that I love to cook with because it is low on sodium and their vacuum sealed technology keeps the powdered as well as the whole spices fresh for a very long time.
Lucky Kadai gosht Masala powder is perfectly balanced spice mix. The recipe is succinct and is printed at the back of the packet. What I personally love about Lucky Kadai Gosht is that it’s ready in about an hour, and the efforts in making it are almost negligible. Whether it is chicken Kadai Gosht recipe or mutton Kadai Gosht Masala recipe, with Lucky Masale its extremely easy to achieve the best authentic and traditional Kadai.

Tips to keep in mind while making Kadai gosht

Here are some tips which makes the Kadai gosht recipe more fun and easy.

  1. While making Kadai with mutton make sure to simmer the flame on medium low as it helps the meat to tenderize and also locks the juices of meat. On the other hand in chicken Kadai recipe, the flames will be on medium high as chicken cooks pretty well on high flame.
  2. If you don’t prefer the tomato skin then make sure to chop tomatoes in slightly bigger pieces. And place them on top of the meat with skin facing up. Cover the lid for five minutes. Now remove the lid and with spoon remove the skin of the tomatoes. It’ll easily peel off.
  3. Authentic Kadai Gosht doesn’t have water in its recipe. Slow cooking of mutton with onions and tomatoes will ensure that mutton is cooked in its juices and no extra water is required for the cooking.
  4. For our vegetarian friends, they can make the masala of Kadai first and then instead of using meat add paneer pieces in it. The delicious paneer Kadai is ready.

Serving of Kadai gosht

Kadai gosht is a traditional dish which is best served with naans (baked Indian bread) or it can also be served with Chapatis. Make sure to also serve a salad with onions with it.
Now that you have the succinct Kadai gosht recipe, don’t wait and try this rustic, traditional dish. Enjoy it with your family and friends. Try the different versions of Kadai and indulge your tastebuds in the heavenly experience.