Dalcha MasalaDalcha Masala

Dalcha Mix

A lentil based curry from Hyderabad, Lucky Dalcha Mix is a perfect combination of herbs and spices. Its easy to follow recipe can turn an amateur into a cook. Dalcha or also known as Dal Gosht, is an Indian stew, made on special occasions and functions. The Yummy Dalcha can now be made at home with few easy steps using the Lucky Dalcha Masala.

About The Product :

♦ Ready made Spice Mix for Making Mutton or Goat Gravy / Stew or Thick in few Simple steps making yummy dalcha / dal gosht

♦ Easy to use & Anyone can cook

♦ Low in Sodium/No MSG/No Artificial Color

♦ Adds the best Flavour to your Mutton/Goat Curry