Shami Kabab Masala

Shami Kababs are most loved and cherished dish in the Indian subcontinent. Due to its flavor and texture Shami kababs are loved by people of all the age groups. Kids are in love with Shami kababs because it makes an awesome burger patty for them. As it’s an awesome grab and go snack kids prefer it over other dishes. Shami kababs are usually made in bulk as it can easily be frozen for later use. Since the meat is cooked in Shami kababs before frying them, it makes it easier for the longer storage purpose. Shami kababs are particularly made and are favorite of everyone during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan and also on Eid. Here are the product details of Lucky Shami Kabab :-

♦ Ready made Spice Mix for Making Mutton or Goat Kababs in few Simple steps. No preservatives, no MSG, low in sodium.

♦ The process of cleaning, drying, and packaging is all done hygienically under strict supervision and according to international standards, At Lucky Masale we take pride at using the finest quality of whole spices and herbs from the best fields in India.

♦ Adds the best Flavor to your Mutton/Goat Kababs

How to use Shami Kabab Masala?

Lucky Shami Kabab Masala is an ideal blend of ground Indian spices which enhances the flavor of the dish. The right proportion of the spices used in the Lucky Shami Kabab masala powder makes cooking a lot easier. Since Lucky Masale uses only the finest quality of Indian spices, hence, the aroma and flavor are unmatched.

There is a complete and clear recipe printed at the back of the Lucky Shami Kabab packet. Here find a summarized recipe of the same.
  1. Soak Chana dal ( split Bengal gram) for half an hr. Once soaked drain the water.
  2. Add boneless meat, chana dal, salt, Lucky Shami Kabab Masala, sliced onions and 2-3 cups of water. (If using a pressure cooker less water will be added).
  3. Cook on medium flame till the meat is tender and dry.
  4. Grind it to make a paste.
  5. Mix the fresh chopped coriander leaves, green chilies, mint leaves and finely chopped onions in the ground meat paste. Make small balls and flatten them to make kababs.
  6. Scramble the eggs and coat each kabab in egg, shallow fry on medium heat, tossing on both the sides till its golden brown.
Lucky Shami Kababs are ready to be served. Serve Shami Kababs with green chutney!!
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