Chicken Angara Masala

Chicken Angara is a spicy yogurt based gravy dish. At the end the Chicken gravy is smoked by a charcoal, to give the rustic taste. Because of the use of charcoal the dish is called Chicken Angara. It’s a very famous North Indian dish and is frequently seen in the restaurant menus. Now you can also achieve the same restaurant style Chicken Angara by using Lucky Masale Chicken Angara. Chicken Angara is the perfect blend of hot spices which will make a delicious chicken gravy. The packet also comes with the packed Charcoal in it. Here are few product details

About The Product:

♦ This Indian Product is a Spice Mix for cooking Chicken Angara, a smoke flavored Chicken gravy..

♦ Easy-to-follow recipe printed on the back of the box to add the best smoky flavor to your Chicken dish.

♦ No preservatives, no MSG, low in sodium.

♦ At Lucky Masale we take pride at using the finest quality of whole spices and herbs from the best fields in India.

♦ The process of cleaning, drying, and packaging is all done hygienically under strict supervision and according to international standards.

♦ Net weight of the packet is 60gms.

How to use Chicken Angara Masala?

You can find the succinct recipe of Lucky masala Chicken Angara at the back of the packet. The recipe is very easy to follow, steps detailed below:

  1. Heat oil, add the onions and fry them till golden brown.
  2. Remove the onions and let them cool.
  3. Now grind the fried onions, tomatoes and yogurt to a fine paste.
  4. Add cumin and mustard seeds in the oil, once they start to crackle add chopped garlic, green chilies and coriander leaves.
  5. Add chicken pieces, ginger garlic paste and fry it on a high flame for few minutes.
  6. Add the ground paste and Lucky Chicken Angara Masala and salt in it.
  7. Mix it well, cover it with lid and let it cook on medium low flame. Keep stirring occasionally.
  8. When the chicken is tender and oil separates, adjust the thickness of the gravy.
  9. Heat the coal piece on gas flame. Once it is red place it in a steel bowl and put the bowl over the cooked chicken.
  10. Add half teaspoon of ghee over the burning hot coal and cover the pan with the lid. In 2 minutes the coal will render its smoky flavor.
  11. At this time remove the coal bowl and the delicious Lucky Chicken Angara is ready to be served!
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