Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is the most favorite dishes amongst the food lovers. Though originally from Persia, in Indian subcontinent Biryani has got several variations in its cooking techniques. Chicken Biryani is a complete meal in itself as the gravy of succulent chicken pieces is layered with long basmati rice. Lucky Chicken Biryani Masala powder is an amalgamation of the best Indian spices and herbs which gives a savory, delicious taste. Here are some product details

About The Product :

♦ Ready made spice mix for making Chicken Biryani in few simple steps.

♦ Easy to follow recipe printed on the back of the box.

♦ No preservatives, no MSG, low in sodium.

♦ The process of cleaning, drying, and packaging is all done hygienically under strict supervision and according to international standards. At Lucky Masale we take pride at using the finest quality of whole spices and herbs from the best fields in India.

♦ Net weight of the packet is 50g.

How to use Chicken Biryani Masala?

The printed recipe at the back of the packet is both succinct and easy to follow. An overview of the detailed Lucky Chicken Biryani Masala recipe.

  1. In a pan add oil and fry onions till golden brown. Remove them and put them aside in a plate.
  2. In the same oil add chicken pieces, ginger garlic paste and fry on high flames for few minutes.
  3. Add tomatoes, green chilies, salt, curd, Lucky Chicken Biryani Masala and half of the fried onions.
  4. Let them cook on high flame for a few minutes stirring continuously so that it doesn’t get burned.
  5. Now simmer the flames at medium low, cover the lid and let the chicken cook till it's almost tender.
  6. Add coriander leaves and mint leaves in the gravy.
  7. In another deep pan add the rice with enough water and salt. When the rice is 3/4th cooked drain the excess water.
  8. Now arrange the chicken gravy and rice in layers. Sprinkle saffron infused milk at the top layer of the rice.
  9. Cover it tightly with the lid and simmer the flames to low. This is called "Dum". Let the biryani cook for 10-20 minutes.

Your delicious Lucky Masale Chicken Biryani is ready!

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