Yakhni Pulao

Yakhni Pulao is a delectable rice preparation where long grain basmati rice is cooked in a delicious stock made with Mutton Or Chicken and infused with spices. Yakhni pulao is different from traditional Biryani. As in Biryani the layering of meat gravy is done with rice, whereas in Yakhni Pulao rice and prepared meat yakhni are boiled together to attain the flavors. Yakhni is the word used in Urdu for broth. In Yakhni Pulao, meat is cooked with whole spices and water till meat is tender, and its juices are infused together with the spices to bring out the flavors and aroma. If the Yakhni (broth) lacks the aroma and flavor, then Pulao will be tasteless.

With Lucky Masale Yakhni Pulao be sure to attain the same traditional taste with very easy to follow recipe and divine aroma. Lucky Yakhni Pulao Masala also comes with the muslin cloth to make a “potli”. Yakhni Pulao is best served fresh with Raita(condiment made with curd and vegetables).
About The Product :

♦ Ready made Spice Mix for Making Chicken/Mutton or Goat Pulao in few simple steps. No preservatives, no MSG, low in sodium.

♦ The process of cleaning, drying, and packaging is all done hygienically under strict supervision and according to international standards, At Lucky Masale we take pride at using the finest quality of whole spices and herbs from the best fields in India.

How to make Yakhini Pulao?

The recipe of Lucky Yakhni Pulao is very easy and is printed at the back of the packet. Here find a summary of the printed recipe.
  1. in a pan add half the oil add potatoes, fry till light brown. Separate it.
  2. In the same oil add finely chopped onions fry till golden brown. Separate half of the fried onions.
  3. In the remaining onions add mint and coriander leaves fry for few minutes and keep aside.
  4. In a pressure cooker add the remaining oil, mutton pieces, half the fried onions and salt. Stir fry for a few minutes.
  5. Add ginger garlic paste, keep frying it.
  6. Add yogurt, Lucky Yakhni Pulao Masala (powder form and also the whole garam Masala potli), add tomatoes and green chilies. Fry for a few minutes.
  7. Add enough water and let the mutton cook in pressure cooker.
  8. Soak Rice for 30 Minutes.
  9. Now take a deep utensil and add the stock(Yakhni), mutton, fried potatoes, fried onions and coriander + mint mix and bring it to boil.
  10. Add the soaked rice. Mix well adjust the salt. Cover and cook on low flame till the rice is fully cooked. Before serving remove the garam Masala potli. The delicious Lucky Yakhni Pulao is ready to be served!!
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