Fish Curry Mix

Fish Curry is a very popular dish all over India. It’s a specialty of the coastal regions as fresh water fish is readily available for the curry. The coastal regions of India have their own concocted spices for Fish Curry and they take pride in making this delectable dish. Selection of right kind of fish is imperative in making Fish Curry Masala as the right fish will impart the best aroma in the curry. Fresh water fish is the best choice for making Fish Curry as it tasted best and doesn’t leave the foul smell in the curry. Lucky Masale Fish Curry powder is a savory mix of spices which gives a very delicious taste to the dish. Lucky Masale Fish Curry Mix will help you make a luscious delicacy from the coastal areas of India in few simple steps. Here are few more product details:-

About The Product :

♦ Readymade spice mix for making fish curry / stew with an easy to follow recipe printed on the back of the box to enjoy the delicious fish curry. No preservatives, no MSG, low in sodium.

♦ The process of cleaning, drying, and packaging is all done hygienically under strict supervision and according to international standards.

♦ Net weight of the packet is 60gms for 1kg of fish.

How to use Fish Curry Masala?

Fish Curry Masala can be really tricky for someone who doesn’t have much experience in cooking fish. The succinct recipe of Lucky Masale Fish Curry mix is printed at the back of the packet. Here I’m writing a short summary of the recipe.

  1. Wash and clean the fish pieces, rub salt and lime juice on the pieces and let them sit for half an hour.
  2. Now grind tomatoes, onions, coriander leaves, garlic, and fresh coconut to a fine paste.
  3. Heat oil in a pan and add the ground paste in it and also add Lucky Masale Fish Curry powder.
  4. Let it cook till the oil separates. Add fish pieces and let it fry in the Masala for a couple of minutes.
  5. Add enough water for the gravy. Cover the lid and let it cook on low flame till the desired thickness of gravy is achieved.

The Lucky Masale Fish Curry is ready to be served !!

At Lucky Masale we take pride at using the finest quality of whole spices and herbs from the best fields in India.

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