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Best Biryani Masala Brand – Lucky Masale

Indian Cuisine is known worldwide because of its bold and exotic flavors, vibrant colors and satiating taste. And it’s worth mentioning that the backbone of Indian cuisine are the aromatic Indian spices. These spices have made Indian cuisine the most famous and 4th most loved cuisine in the world. India being a diverse country boasts of diverse cultures, and this diversity can be found in Indian food also. Whether it’s the rich Mughlai Cuisine or the famous street food from India, spices plays the vital role in bringing out the delectable taste.

Today the markets are stormed by the readymade spice mixtures. These various spice mixtures have become the necessity for most of the urban Indians. With both husband and wife working, and cooking not limited only to Indian women, these readymade spice mixes comes in handy. With the right proportion of the spices, the readymade spice mixtures takes away the worry and makes cooking a breeze. But when there are more than 100 spice brands, the confusion comes which one to choose? Some of these spice brands are here for more than 50 years, and yes they are here because of their quality.

One brand which has sustained in the market and has always come up with only the best spice mixes is “Lucky Masale“. Lucky Masale started its journey 22 years ago from a small room in Pune, India. The first Masala which was introduced by Lucky Masale was Lucky Biryani Masala, which was a hit instantaneously. Today, Lucky Masale has two manufacturing and packaging plants in Pune, Maharashtra. With over 22 years of experience, Lucky Masale today has approximately 50 different spice mixtures, which covers different range of cuisines. Lucky Masale uses only the finest quality of Indian spices and keeps a strict quality control checks to provide the best spices to its customers.

Top Biryani Masala Brand

Biryani has always been the favorite of masses in India. Whether Chicken, Mutton or vegetarian, biryani has its own fan following. There are many brands which offers the biryani Masala for easy cooking.

Lucky Masale is the top biryani Masala brand as it offers only the best to its customers. Lucky Masale has 4 different types of biryani Masalas to satiate the taste buds. With these 4 different biryani Masalas, one can easily say that Lucky Masale is the top biryani Masala brand.

Lucky Masale biryani products are as follows: –

  1. Lucky Chicken Biryani Masala

    Chicken Biryani is the most favorite dish amongst the food lovers. Though originally from Persia, in Indian subcontinent Biryani has got several variations in its cooking techniques. Chicken Biryani is a complete meal in itself as the gravy of succulent chicken pieces is layered with long basmati rice. Lucky Chicken Biryani Masala powder is an amalgamation of the best Indian spices and herbs which gives a savory, delicious taste. The succinct and very easy to follow recipe is printed at the back of the packet. The recipe is printed in English and Hindi at the back and in Urdu and Marathi on the inside of the packet.

  2. Lucky Biryani Masala

    Mutton Biryani is an aromatic, flavorful and mouthwatering dish popular not only in India but all around the globe. It belongs to Indian Mughlai cuisine. This delicious Indian dish is known for its tender meat layered with long grain basmati rice. The layering of Mutton gravy with the rice makes it a complete dish, and it is enjoyed by every age group. Lucky Masale Biryani powder is the perfect blend of spices which gives an authentic, traditional taste to the dish. Since mutton biryani needs the bold and spicy mix of spices to bring out the flavors, Lucky Masale has made sure to use the right proportion of the spices to make it more robust. The recipe is easy to follow and the taste is unmatched.

  3. Lucky Sindhi Biryani Masala

    Originating from Sindh, Sindhi Biryani is the amalgamation of spices, mutton, curd and prunes. Full of zesty flavor and colors Sindhi Biryani is a treat for the taste buds. Lucky Sindhi Biryani is a harmonious blend of spices and dried herbs which enhances the flavor and aroma. The recipe is easy to follow.

  4. Lucky Veg Biryani Masala

    Veg Biryani is a delicacy for the vegetarians. The spicy vegetables thick gravy is layered with the aromatic basmati rice to bring out the flavors. Veg Biryani is a treat for the taste buds as the medley of cut vegetables are prepared with the flavorful spices, and then layered with the rice. Lucky Veg Biryani masala is the perfect mix of spices, which gives the unparalleled taste. The recipe is concise and is printed at the back of the packet.

What makes Lucky Masale different from Other Brands?

Lucky Masale is dedicated to always bring the best quality spices to its customers. If one has to compare as to what makes Lucky Masale different from its competitors? The answer would be simple – Lucky Masale are low in sodium. The recipes of different spice mixtures by Lucky Masale asks for adding salt as per taste. This is for the reason that salt is added in a very low amount in the readymade mixtures. The spices at Lucky Masale are specially packed in vacuum sealed packaging which keeps them to stay fresh for a longer period of time. For making it easier for the customers, Lucky Masale always have the packet of the whole spices in its spice mix if the recipe demands for it. Similarly one can find a piece of packed charcoal piece with Lucky Chicken Angara to give a smokey flavor, and a muslin cloth with Lucky Yakhni Pulao Mix to make the “potli” for yakhni. These are the little things that team Lucky Masale keeps in mind to make their customers happy.

Customers Satisfaction

Satisfied Customers are the trophy for Lucky Masale. Customer’s satisfaction can be seen by the fact that Lucky Chicken Biryani Masala has earned the “Amazon Choice Badge“. The positive reviews posted by our customers on Amazon and Lucky Masale site are the immense love which is always appreciated by Lucky Masale.
With high quality spices Lucky Masale is determined to provide only the best spice mixes to its customers. With over 50 products Lucky Masale are available in India, USA, UK and Canada.